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Old Concept... but a damn nice execution! Congrats!

fun chill game, but there seems to be a save issue when played on an everdrive x5 mini

what's the correct save type? SRAM seems to be the right choice, but the game won't boot when it's selected

Hey thanks so much for the comment. The game does assume SRAM, unfortunately I don’t have an everdrive to test with though.

The first thing you could try would be deleting the save and trying again.

Otherwise I believe Everdrive defaults to SRAM, do you happen to know which version of the firmware you are on?

I’m keen to try and get this working for you if you don’t mind troubleshooting with me. Feel free to get in touch on Discord (Jono#0378).

figured it out!

it's an issue with the Everdrive's quickboot mode (skips the bios after selecting a game), when quickboot is turned off it works perfectly

(for reference, Everdrive x5 Mini GBA, firmware: 1.16)

thank you!

Great game!

Love this. Really cool aesthetic and vibe

Really nice game!