A downloadable scoopy

Mr. Scoopy is a top down Horror Survival game in which the player is trapped in a haunted school and the ghost of a maniac Ice Cream Scooper is trying to chase the protagonist and scoop out their eyeballs.

How to play :-

Use the arrow keys to move your character Alice around the map, try to collect as much ice cream as possible as it is the only thing that will delay your inevitable demise. You can hit the space bar to drop icecream on the floor that will temporarily distract Mr. Scoopy. Survive as long as you can!

Contributors :-

Ethan 'Soron' Kaminski - github.com/ethankaminski

Nathania Sum - natz-work-blog.tumblr.com

Arlo D'Cruz

Daniel Thomson - vimeo.com/danielthomson

So-Young Cho - sc-illustration.tumblr.com

Chin-Ann Teh - poseclickanimate.com

Jono Shields - foo.codes

Install instructions

The game can be played online here.

Or you can download a zip, the original game released on the 48th hour of #kiwijam15 is attached to this page or the latest playable copy is hosted on github at here.

The zip needs to be downloaded, extracted and hosted on a server. The player then just needs to browse to the index.html file.


kiwijam15-master.zip 4 MB