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Love the concept, the art style and the lofi music are very well done. Really hoping that you'll expand on this concept some more.

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The Lo-Fi, the art style, and the simplicity, its an excellent game to take a coffee or a tea in the morning, im in love <3


Cute and well done. Would love to see a sequel/successor to this where each day is a different song and different items to buy. Like a cozy interactive album or something.


I have been thinking about this more and more lately. I would love to expand this to maybe 10 levels. Each would be a hospitality business that you can help revitalise. I have tons of ideas like a taco truck, a rooftop bar, a sushi train restaurant etc.

Sounds lovely

can’t wait



Hey, that's my Gameboy! 😁

Love this! The artstyle, music, and slow paced idle gameplay blends nicely. I could easily leave it turned on all day